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Friday, March 23, 2012

Seasonal Characteristics

Over 2,400 years ago a genius was born. He is revered by the medical profession and by every physician who takes the Hippocratic oath to serve and hold sacred the medical code. Hippocrates studied human behavior and finally produced his theory that human beings have four temperament types:

Phlegmatic - Slow-Moving
Sanquine - Animated
Melancholic- The Worrier
Choleric - Assertive

These were named for the fluid systems of the body. The four Season's fit perfectly into this behavior theory written so many years ago. Some tests today are based around A, B, C, or D people. This test corresponds quite accurately to the four temperaments.

If you are an absolute Phlegmatic, you are a Summer. An Absolute Melancholic is a Winter. Pure Sanguines are Springs, and Cholerics are Autumn.

The beauty of the human family is that, no matter how alike we all seem we are made in our own mold. By intermixing with each other, as men and women, the offspring of these unions are special and each has a particular look and blend of Season.

Summers: Walk and move slowly. They move about gracefully. They seem relaxed and tranquil. Their appearance is non-threatening to others. They usually dress in pastel or light colors. Summers speak in quiet tones.

Springs: Walk in a jaunty manner. Their movements are quite animated. They are quick in movement and even their voices are high-pitched when they are excited.

Autumns: Are determined people. They are firm in step. They know where they are going and let you know it. There is authority in their speech.

Winters: Have a special gracefulness about them. They stand erect with poise and quiet dignity. A Winter's voice may be melodious.

Remember, these are the Absolutes. Also remember that we do not view oursleves as others see us. Very few people are absolutely one Season, though you may get an idea of your Season from the personality traits we'll talk about in our next blog.